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The 10 hardest Interview Questions

Competition for finding a job is getting fiercer every day. There are many talented candidates applying for the same positions. Therefore, companies are highly selective and ask the hardest questions they possibly can to put the candidates under more pressure. Thus, they evaluate if the candidates can succeed under any circumstance.

It would be to your advantage to go to your interview prepared. The more you get prepared, the more you can succeed and get an offer. Remember you may have only one chance to show them that you are the right candidate for your dream job. Use the below questions and tips in order to prepare for the big day!

  1. Why did you leave your previous employer, or why are you leaving your present job? (Never say something bad about your current/previous employer or your position. You can tell that you are ready to expand your skill set and get more responsibilities.)

  2. Why is there a gap in your work history?

  3. What are your weaknesses? (Turn a personality weakness into a professional strength such as “I am very detail-oriented or I am a perfectionist”.)

  4. Describe a time when you failed. (Explain them your failure and then, what you did to turn around this situation into success.)

  5. How do you react when you face a challenge? (The number one rule of solving a challenge is to stay calm and understand the root cause.)

  6. Are you willing to relocate/travel?

  7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (Make a short career plan. If you are not a manager, you can say ‘I see myself in a managerial position’. If you are already a manager, you can say ‘I see myself as a director’. The key here is to show that you have the ambition to go to the next level.)

  8. What sets you apart from others? Why should we hire you? (Match your education, your skills, and your previous work experience with the job description and mention that you already have some experience in that field. Then, demonstrate those skills with examples from your past.)

  9. Describe a time when you didn’t agree with others. What did you do? (You can say that you clarified the situation first and stated your reasons of disagreeing with others. Finally, explain how you achieved a group consensus.)

  10. Do you have any questions for us? (Don’t say “No”! Ask at least 3 questions.

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