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Shane Reveiz

Sales Representative at MH

Sales Search America has changed my life on two fronts! First, I was a walk-on Linebacker at the University of Tennessee and had earned a full-ride football scholarship. While playing football at Tennessee I developed a heart problem that required surgery.  Because Jack Sells had also played and coached at Tennessee he had heard about my situation. One of Jack’s main clients is Intuitive Surgical and he immediately contacted their leadership about my situation. By Jack referring me to Intuitive they were able to set up an appointment with a surgeon in Atlanta that would later operate on me. Because the surgery was robotic I was able to not miss any football and play my Senior year. With absolutely nothing to gain, Jack went above and beyond to help me and I will be forever grateful.  Second, After playing 4 years of football, I graduation and went to work for Burger King at their Corporate office in Miami. But, my career was no going in the right direct. Out of nowhere, Jack contacted me and placed me with Millennium Health which was a true career opportunity.  I have since been promoted to a senior sales rep and am proud to say that my income level is now in the Top 1% of my peer group. Although I had no sales experience, I am thankful that Jack saw the many attributes that I had learned while walking-on in football in The SEC and fighting through my heart surgery. I know Jack will not just work with anyone, but if he does, please take full advantage. It will forever change your life and I could not more strongly recommend!

Arnie Marzullo

Sales Manager at Invivo Corporation

I have been with the same company for 25 years and have been a Regional Sales Manager for the past 18. For the past 18 years and two acquisitions, I have worked with Jack Sells exclusively for my hiring needs. He is the most loyal recruiter I have ever known. Jack is just not my recruiter he is my friend and I know he always has my best interest at heart. I have very little turnover with my team but when I do I know Jack will have me 5 qualified candidates for me to interview in 5 business days or less. This allows me to do what I love to do, which is help my team drive revenue and close business. It’s one of the reasons my team has never missed a quota and why I have been the #1 ranked Regional Sales Manager multiple times. I have account managers that I have hired through Jack that have been with me 18, 16, 15, and 13 years (respectively) which is unheard of in the medical sales industry. I consider Jack part of my team and if you are looking to hire elite sales talent you should too!

Joshua Harding- Lewis
Medical Sales at Specialty Laboratory

Jeff changed my life when he called me regarding a new career opportunity in medical sales. I was working B2B sales and was very passionate about my sales career, Jeff called me to offer an opportunity with Millennium Health where I could come in and have a "true career opportunity" . I really liked the way he explained the company and the growth potential. Being that i am a former student athlete, he put it in simple terms as if i was playing minor league baseball and my goal was to get called up to the majors. Sure enough, after six months with Millennium Health, I have been promoted into my own full Territory Manager position. I am grateful for Jeff's and SSA help in getting the job of my dreams.

Brent Johnson

Executive VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing

As a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for two different medical capital equipment companies over 20 years, I have used Jack Sells for all my recruiting needs.  During that time, we have developed an unique partnership that has produced outstanding sales hires with a low rate of turnover. Hiring productive salespeople that fit into our company culture is one of the most important things I do, and there is no one I trust and value more to help me get it right than Jack.  He views himself as an extension of my business, takes the time to understand exactly what I am looking for, and then recruits specifically to meet my needs.  He also takes it personal - he is dogged, relentless, and he never quits recruiting until he gets it right.  One of Jack’s greatest talents is his ability to recruit a top candidate that is not already looking for a job, which as we all know, typically makes for the best hire.  At my previous company, Jack helped me build an elites sales team that had great productivity and long tenures.  Now with my present company, I am again partnering with Jack to identify, recruit, and hire top tier sales talent.  We are continuing to expand our sales organization, and I continue to count on Jack to help me grow our successful sales team.  Jack is certainly not for everyone, but if you are looking to hire elite sales talent in the shortest time frame possible, there is no one I could more strongly recommend.

Matt Siegel

Director of Sales Operations at Comdata

Jack Sells at Sales Search America was a true partner in helping Comdata build its Small Fleet Division inside sales team.  In less than 90 days, Jack placed 27 sales reps with us increasing our team from 10 to 37. During this process, Jack greatly increased the quantity of our candidate pool.  In fact, it was actually a major improvement in quality!  The type candidates that Sales Search produced came in excited about the opportunity and very motivated to be successful.  Jack went above and beyond to educate them on both the company and the opportunity insuring a true career fit.  He 100% became a true extension of our recruiting process.  Most importantly, within 180 days we saw our monthly sales revenue jump from a measly $2,500 to and just over $250,000 which far and away exceeded all expectations. Surprisingly, we had no attrition. Many of the reps Jack placed with us were quickly promoted because of their success. Jack regularly engaged with us to ensure the funnel of candidates was full and that are head count stayed consistent. We never had to suffer results while waiting for quality candidates to be hired for those that had recently been promoted.  I also had 100% confidence in the candidates provided by Jack which freed me up to manage my team. As our relationship grew, Jack got even better as the candidates that came in to replace those that were promoted were even more talented and motivated. The bottom line is our team could not have achieved the success we did without the help of Jack and his team at Sales Search.  Interestingly, we noticed a 140% increase in production from the candidates sourced by Jack versus those produced by HR and our internal process. If you are looking to build an elite sales team in a short period of time I could not more highly recommend Sales Search America.

Josh Unruh 

Account Manager at Invivo Corporation

Jack Sells is the most ethical and honest recruiter I know. He has no interest in just making a placement – he is 100% committed to producing a great career fit! During my recruiting process Sales Search America introduced to me every opportunity they were working on. This was refreshing as most recruiters will only introduce one opportunity at a time in hopes that they can simply make a placement.  Although this is rare, I was offered two different opportunities through Sales Search, at the exact same time. One was in surgical sales and the other was selling capital equipment to the MRI. Both were great companies! Through Jack’s guidance and 20 plus years of unmated understanding of the medical sales landscape – I was able to make the right decision. He knew that healthcare was moving toward more of an “outcome” driven business versus a “procedure” based business even before the Affordable Care Act was passed. I later found out that the job Jack encouraged me to take paid him a placement fee of $5,000.00 less than the other opportunity. And,  paid him in 90 days instead of 30.  This really tells you everything you need to know about Jack Sells and Sales Search. Since that time I have earned 5 straight President Clubs and have never failed to earn at least $200K more than I was making in my previous job. I have also been offered a promotion. Needless to say, Jack helped me make the right decision that was a true career fit. Every year I call Jack to say “thank you” for doing the right thing and thinking of what was best for me and my family long term. This is why Jack is in the Top 1% of what he does and why is client companies will only work with him exclusively.

Brandon Nall

Senior Sales Representative- Healthcare

Meeting Jack Sells has been a life changing event. He is not only my recruiter but he has become my friend. Jack is one of the most direct and honest people I know. Jack met me when I was running a Christian non-profit. When it suddenly closed due to the recession I was desperate need to find a job and build a career. Jacks went out of his way to help educate and counsel me on how to break into the medical sales business. Being newly married and unemployed I had many concerns. Jack even went so far as to have coffee with me and my wife to share the many pro’s and con’s. He recommended that I first get a business-to-business sales job so I could develop my skills and become more marketable. After a year in entry level sales Jack placed me in a medical sales opportunity that has been truly transformative. Within a year I was  promoted, won President’s Club. I am not sure what Jack saw in me but I believe it was the life lesson’s I learned while pitching in Junior College, LSU, and the MLB. Being an ex-college football player and coach in the SEC.Jack believed in me and through his credibility with the manager I was able to stay in the process. Obviously, the rest is history, but that is what I love about Jack! 

 Steadman Nall
Millennium Health

Sales Search America placed my brother Brandon and me with the same company. I was managing a Christian band when Jack called me out of the blue about an opportunity in medical sales.  My past experience was working as a golf course superintendent and managing a band – I had no sales experience. I did not even have a resume! Only Jack, with his credibility, could get a hyper growth medical sales company to see the value I could bring to their company. After much thought and prayer I knew the time was right to make the move. Since being placed, I have been promoted once, earned multiple President Clubs, and am now earning in the Top 1% for my peer group. Thankfully Jack saw the good in me and not just what was on my resume. I have also since become married, love my company, love the people I work with, and can consider this opportunity truly long term. Jack is very instinctive and could see the values that I possessed inside that would help me be successful with his client company. I believe this is something that no other recruiter, but Jack has the ability to do.  I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and will always appreciate the belief that he had in me.

Matt Newsom

Regional VP Southern US

"Over the years I've used a bunch of recruiters.  They start out strong but they always begin to slump on talent and service. Jeff is an animal when it comes to finding great talent and providing great service and has been consistently better than the rest for the decade I've used her. I have 66 recruiters in my rolodex but I only need 1."

Joe DiGiogio

Stryker Medical

“Jack was extremely helpful during my job search. In fact, I have never had a recruiter work with me like this before – it was truly an “eye-opening” experience. Because I was not looking for a job and my resume was not on the street, I was only interested in opportunities that would be a true step-up. Jack took the time to teach me how I could properly research the opportunity that he was working on to 1st see if I even wanted to interview. In turn, this approach gave me the most honest and accurate information so that I could make an informed decision. I know why Jack did this – it was to protect his client from interviewing anyone not sincerely interested in their job. However, it also has an intended consequence for the candidate as he does not want them to waste their time as well.  Recently, Jack “coached me” on this unique approach so that I would not waste anyone’s time (i.e., his, his client’s, mine, etc.) during the interview process. Based on my research I was able to determine that pursuing his opportunity was in my best interest. And, I am excited to say that I was able to earn the opportunity which has the potential to double my income, plus  allow me to earn shock equity in the company. I don’t know how Jack found me but I am glad he did as this opportunity is one of the best in all of medical device sales. Thank you Jack!  

Christopher Feagles

US Zone Sales Manager

Jeff Baker

CCO Swipe Sense

Jack Sells is truly one of a kind. He is clearly unmatched in his industry today. Understand, he will not just work with just anyone. If you are not in the Top 10% of what you do, and more importantly, if you do not have the right attributes – you have 100% no chance of working with him.  Unlike all other recruiters – Jack is not candidate driven. He is client driven. He is not in the business of finding people a job.  Jack is in the Top 1% because he is the only recruiter that has the ability to recruit elite sales talent that are happy with their current situation and not looking for a job. This type of philosophy is probably why he was one of the most successful football recruiters in the history of SEC football. When I was trying to get into medical sales no recruiter would work with me. I was selling two-way radios,  I did not have a 4 year college degree, and I had a physical disability. Jack Sells was the only recruiter who saw through all of that and believed in me. Instead of seeing that I did not have a degree eliminating me from every search,  Jack placed me in my first medical sales job. There, I became Rookie-of-the-Year, the #1 sales rep for 10 straight years, never missed a President’s Club, was promoted 3 times, and even was honored by having my picture placed on the cover of our annual report. I received thousands of shares of pre-IPO stock and was proud to be part of a company that was later acquired for over 800 million dollars.  In my 2nd job I became the VP of Sales for another successful “start-up” that became profitable and was later acquired. Today, 20 years later, I am working in my 4th medical sales “start-up” company. However, if it were not for Jack Sells seeing what others couldn’t, believing in me, I would never be where I am today. If you are a Company looking to hire truly elite sales talent, I could not more highly recommend working with Jack and his team at Sales Search America. They see things that no one else can see and I am just one of many examples.

Amanda Macrum 

Territory Manager at EndoChoice

I have known Jeff Stewart for years and have referred many of my friends to him over the years. He has a great reputation as being the recruiter to work with and trust. He called me about an opportunity that I only looked at because I know him to be trustworthy and only recruits for the top companies in the industry. After I interviewed with EndoChoice, I realized that Jeff Stewart was right on about how great this opportunity is and I was very excited about being a part of the EndoChoice team!

               Nigel Green               

  VP of Sales Recovery Network

Finding sales reps in today’s market is easy. Finding good sales reps isn’t. Like all sales leaders, I only want top talent. Jeff and Jack have a way of culling through the clutter and delivering best in class performers. We’ve partnered with Sales Search America since 2012, and a number of our top reps were introduced to us by Jeff. 

Haden Watson

Sales Rep at Millennium Health

I can't say enough about how great Jeff was as my recruiter. I was a teacher and coach for over 7 years and was always interested in medical sales. My brother was a medical sales rep and told me to reach out to Jeff. Jeff was honest to me about it being an uphill battle to break into medical sales without any prior sales experience but he did not give you up on me. He told me that if I was hungry and willing to put the work into fighting for this job, that he would push to get me an interview with the company.I worked hard to prove I could sell and i leaned on Jeff to fight for me to get an interview. He was always available and answered my call every time. I'm happy to say that I got with Millennium. I really don't think I would have much of a chance without Jeff's help and support. 

Shaelie Lamberth

Associate Director

“In 2005, I was promoted to the Human Resource Manager at Stryker Medical in charge of talent acquisition. My position was created by the Corporate Leadership in hopes of streamlining our entire recruiting process. During this time, we were in a hyper growth mode and looking to expand our sales force.  We needed a recruiter that understood our culture and who had the courage to recruit candidates into a 100% commission, no expenses paid, capital equipment, sales job. I needed someone that worked 24-7-365 and would rarely take no for an answer. I needed loyalty. I needed someone who could learn to love Stryker as much as I did and would never get discouraged when a great candidate got knocked out because of our very demanding interview process.  It was going to be fast and furious and it had to be done right. Fortunately for us, we found Jack Sells. We proceeded to hire a very successful group of sales reps. The sales reps that we hired exceeded their plan, grew their business, earned President Club’s, won Rolex’s, earned trips, moved up into leadership roles, had a greater retention rate, or earned more money for the company. Jack played a huge part in these results.  The good, the bad, the ugly – always productive. To say he can be difficult might even be an understatement.  Mainly because he is ultra-competitive and hates to lose. That reputation is well earned, and at times, well deserved.  Jack is not for everyone but that is probably why he is in such high demand. His production is unmatched.”

Mark Hood

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

I contracted with Sales Search America over a span of 8 years and recruited more than 20 sales representatives and 8 managers.  While at Pentax, the caliber of new hires increased drastically due to Jack's diligence in matching candidates with the competencies I identified.  As a start-up National Sales Manager, Sales Search America was my single source of sale talent.  He was and is head and shoulders above his competitors and I will continue to work with Jack in the future.

Our company has used Sales Search America for talent recruitment services for close to 20 years. Their track record of finding elite sales talent that meets our unique organizational objectives has been nothing short of spectacular.  Jack Sells and his team have a unique way of sourcing candidates that most others never reach.  They have become a true partner and a natural extension of our hiring process that has helped us achieve above industry average retention rates and off the charts sales success.

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