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  Established in 1997, Sales Search America was founded on the firm belief that if you do what everyone else does, then you get what everyone else gets. Our approach is that we are client driven, not candidate driven.

  We are not in the business of finding people jobs, we are in the business of identifying, evaluating, and recruiting elite top tier sales and sales management talent. Einstein said - "Insanity is dong the same thing over and over and getting the same result."

  Sales Search has developed proprietary techniques in identifying, evaluating, recruiting, and closing top tier talent. Proprietary techniques used by SSA that have produced results unsurpassed in the executive sales search industry today.

  This unprecedented philosophy has established SSA as the executive search firm of choice, measured by the value-added results we deliver to our clients. As owner of MRI Sales Consultants of Brentwood - Jack Sells had the vision of breaking away from the personnel agency mentality. His vision was to create a true consulting search firm that was 100% focused on partnering with a client company, truly being an extension of the hiring process. With this unique approach SSA has the ability, resources, relationships and reputation that are essential to attract top tier sales talent in any market in the United States.

  These techniques are time tested and true, coupled with our recruiters combined with over 50 years making us the most dynamic and productive sales firm in the nation today. We have placed sales reps with such companies as Stryker, Boston Scientific, Philips and Intuitive Surgical. We have also partnered with numerous start ups such as Given Imaging, TranS, Neomend, Entellus, Epocal, Xhale Technologies...and the list continues to grow.

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